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Our Vision – Reducing pain and needless suffering, for all children, no matter their site of care


  • The awarding of an international certification of excellence in pediatric pain relief.
  • A global recognition of the damaging effects of inadequate pain prevention and treatment in children
  • An open exchange of knowledge, best practices and protocol in the prevention and treatment of pain.


What We Do

ChildKind International works to reduce the pain and needless suffering of children, no matter their site of care, by educating, evaluating and recognizing healthcare facilities that have developed standardized, institution-wide, collaborative approaches to the treatment of children’s pain, and certifying those institutions as ChildKind Certified Hospitals.

ChildKind also maintains an open-access resource library that serves as a clearinghouse for vetted information and policy on treating pediatric pain, while providing technical assistance to institutions working to improve the quality of the pain management they provide.


Why We Do It

Why Children’s Pain Matters

Pain: Clinical Updates, September 2005 (Volume 13, Issue 4)
G. Allen Finley, Linda S. Franck, Ruth E. Grunau and Carl L. von Baeyer


How We Do It

Research has shown that lasting change is more likely to occur when the desire for effective pain treatment is incorporated as a core institutional value and considered an essential system-wide element of care – similar to issues of safety and confidentiality. If a hospital can provide evidence that it has made such a commitment and has in place policies, protocols, quality audits, and ongoing educational activities that address pain, it can apply for designation as “A Certified ChildKind Hospital”.

This certification, endorsed by thirteen international organizations, is testimony to the fact that the hospital has made the comfort of those for whom it provides care, a foundational value. This approach has been applied to the promotion of breast feeding through the hugely successful Baby Friendly Initiative, a joint WHO/UNICEF project which has been, at least in part responsible for an enormous increase in breast feeding in the developed and developing world.

The lure of a prestigious internationally recognized certification that attests to their ongoing commitment to providing a uniform approach to pain relief should provide an incentive for institutions to overcome whatever barriers they are encountering in providing pain relief for all children. By formalizing their approaches to pain management, they will foster our goal of compassionate pain prevention and relief, for all children, regardless of their site of care. 

To date, seven institutions (Boston Children’s Hospital, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Children’s Minnesota, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital, and the Hospital for Sick Children) have been designated as ChildKind facilities.

In addition to formally recognizing institutions, ChildKind is developing a user group for the sharing of up-to-date information, and maintains a resource library that offers evidence-informed policies, protocols, and educational materials; so that lack of access to up-to-date information will not preclude the provision of appropriate pain relief.


Our Impact

The Value of ChildKind Certification