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ChildKind Description in the Pediatric Pain Letter

ChildKind: A global initiative to reduce pain in children


ChildKind Executive Summary

The ChildKind initiative has been developed to promote the incorporation of child comfort into the culture of pediatric healthcare facilities by encouraging an institutional commitment to pain relief. Institutions that demonstrate this commitment, will be awarded a prestigious internationally sanctioned certification that attests to the quality of pain care that they provide.

ChildKind also fosters collaboration among ChildKind certified hospitals and all people interested in improving the prevention and treatment of pain in children, and maintains an open-access resource library that serves as a clearing house for information on pediatric pain while also providing technical assistance to institutions working to improve the quality of pain management that they provide.


ChildKind Resource Library

The ChildKind Resource Library, is an international library of policies, protocols and resources on pediatric pain. It is designed to facilitate exchange of knowledge among ChildKind International participants and all people interested in improving the prevention and treatment of pain in children.