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ChildKind International is dedicated to improving the quality of pediatric pain care around the world.



Development meeting in Bellagio, Italy 2008

Development meeting in Bellagio, Italy 2008

ChildKind emerged from the Special Interest Group on Pain in Childhood of the International Association for the Study of Pain to provide incentive for institutions to incorporate pain control as one of their core values. An organizing meeting was held in Bellagio Italy in 2008 at the Rockefeller Foundation Study Center with the support of the Mayday Fund, the Institute of International Education, and the Rockefeller Foundation.  Representatives of 14 countries as well as the WHO and the Baby Friendly Initiative attended. At that meeting, the basic criteria that would be necessary for ChildKind certification were established.


They were:

1)  Presence of a facility-wide policy on pain assessment, prevention, and management which demonstrates a clear institutional commitment to pain relief.

2) Ongoing education on pain management for staff, trainees, and patients.

3) Evidence of the sustained use of a developmentally appropriate process for pain assessment.

4) Specific evidence-informed protocols for pain prevention and management including pharmacological, psychological, and physical methods.

5) Regular institutional self- monitoring within the framework of continuous quality improvement.

It was felt that these core principles could be incorporated in any institution regardless of resource availability, assuming adequate commitment.


Since that meeting, ChildKind has received 501 C3 status as a non-profit institution in the US.  Additional grant support has been obtained from the International Association for the Study of Pain. A certification committee has been established and the requirements for certification have been established. Four sites were selected to pilot this process (Boston Children’s Hospital, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto) and site visits were made to each of these facilities and they were subsequently awarded ChildKind designation. The Brazilian government has funded pilot projects to incorporate ChildKind principles into two children’s hospitals. In addition, a searchable resource library has been established which houses open access to pain-related policies, protocols, and educational modules. All institutions are encouraged to submit their policies and protocols so that others may benefit from their expertise.

The initiative has now certified 10 leading pediatric institutions in North America and been endorsed by thirteen other organizations. Further organizations are currently in the pipeline for ChildKind Certification, and we welcome inquiries from any institutions desiring this valuable recognition. Please address email correspondence to