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Certification Process

  1. The process for obtaining ChildKind certification begins once you notify us of your interest, by emailing our Program Director, Kerri Kivolowitz, at
  2. A member of our team will contact you to discuss informally the requirements for certification, and to determine if your institution has preliminarily met the established criteria. If it appears that your institution has met our criteria, you will be invited to begin the application process.
  3. Download and complete our certification application; which includes both demographic information about your institution and detailed documentation and evidence of how ChildKind criteria are being met. ChildKind staff and representatives of institutions that have received ChildKind status will be available to help you with this process. 
  4. A letter from your institution’s CEO or senior hospital administrator is required – as part of your completed application portfolio – which highlights your institution’s commitment to pain relief and intention to apply for ChildKind certification. This letter will be reviewed by the Certification Committee along with your completed application.
  5. Once complete, this application should be submitted electronically as one uniform document (preferably in PDF) to our Program Director at Depending on file size, we can receive this file through email or DropBox. We will acknowledge receipt of your completed application within one week of arrival, and our committee will review of the application materials and respond within 3 months.
  6. A $1,000 application fee is due at the time of submission.
  7. After successful review of your application by the ChildKind Certification Committee, a site visit will be scheduled and we request submission of the $5,000 site audit fee.  
  8. Once the site visit is completed, the site auditors and Certification Committee will meet and determine if our criteria have been met. If so, your institution will be designated “A ChildKind Hospital”, joining an elite group of institutions that have demonstrated excellence in providing comfort to their patients.

ChildKind Certification Application

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