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What is ChildKind International?

ChildKind is a global initiative aimed at reducing pain and unnecessary suffering in children by offering a special designation to facilities that have demonstrated an institutional commitment to pain relief and by providing the technical support to achieve that goal. (About Us).

Who can apply for certification?

Any institution, regardless of size or level of resource, can apply for ChildKind certification. We are focusing on hospitals within North America initially for the next year, and hope to have a process in place and the necessary resources to evaluate institutions worldwide within the next two years.

Why should my institution consider obtaining ChildKind certification?

There are many reasons to consider ChildKind certification. First and foremost, certification offers a visible manifestation of the institution’s strong commitment to child comfort. Many families value that commitment when selecting a facility where their children will receive care. Certification also provides the opportunity to link with other hospitals that share similar values, to learn from their experiences and provide benchmarks for quality in pain treatment.

For more information on the value of ChildKind Certification, please follow this link: The ChildKind Advantage.

Is ChildKind Certification organization-wide or site specific?

Regarding hospitals with multiple sites – If all in-patient and out-patient sites fall under the same organizational umbrella, ChildKind will consider certification across the entire organization. The most important factor we consider is evidence of an institution-wide commitment to pediatric pain management. The application must demonstrate how all the various sites of the organization are linked in fulfilling that commitment. Each site should be well represented within the overall application portfolio and preferably at the site visit as well.

Does a hospital need to be a dedicated children’s hospital to be considered for Certification?

No, but there must be evidence in both the application and site visit, of an administrative and institution-wide commitment to pediatric pain management for all pediatric patients.

Which hospitals are currently designated as ChildKind Certified hospitals?

At this point, 6 hospitals have been certified after successful demonstration of their institutional commitment to pain care (Boston Children’s Hospital, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Children’s Minnesota, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, and Seattle Children’s Hospital).

How long is the process to obtain ChildKind certification?

The timing will depend on the degree to which institutions have fulfilled the 5 principles necessary for certification. It typically takes a few months to pull together the documentation necessary to complete the certification package; depending on the ease of access to that information and the availability of staff to collate it. Once the application has been received, it will take 2-3 months for our committee to review the application, determine if the appropriate criteria have been met, and to schedule a site visit. Certification will then be determined within 2-3 weeks of the site visit.

What information is available to certified institutions, for patients and families?

ChildKind is developing educational materials that will be made available to the patients and families of our certified hospitals. These materials will include data and visual media to be used on hospital websites of certified institutions and in their social media, highlighting the importance of pediatric pain management and the institution’s commitment to children’s comfort and high standard of care.

What are the costs to obtain and maintain ChildKind certification?

The current costs for certification include a $1,000 USD application fee, and a $5,000 USD audit and site survey fee. If you feel your institution is valid candidate financial assistance, please contact us for information on sliding scale fee options.

There are no yearly maintenance fees associated with ChildKind certification at this time.