Benefits of Certification

The ChildKind Advantage

A ChildKind certified institution is recognized for excellence in providing pediatric pain care. Certification brings significant advantages to institutions:

  • ChildKind certification offers a visible manifestation of the institution’s strong commitment to children’s comfort. Many families value that commitment when selecting a facility where their children will receive care.
  • Research has shown that patients who experience a better quality of pain assessment and treatment while in the hospital have shorter recovery periods, fewer hospital return visits, and improved patient experience.
  • Hospital-accrediting organizations assess the quality of pain prevention and treatment as an important criterion in their evaluations. ChildKind designation is a definitive indicator of success in that arena.
  • Certification offers organizations with an interest in improving the quality and of pain care, a structured process to evaluate current practices, benchmark against other similar institutions, and gain valuable assistance in key areas needing improvement from recognized experts in the field of pain management.
  • The certification process forces an organization to catalog all of its pain treatment related activities. This has many benefits, including the broader recognition by staff of the many positive initiatives that are already taking place within the institution as well as identifying obvious gaps in pain care.
  • Certified hospitals highlight the role of the certification process in emphasizing the importance to hospital leadership of continuing quality improvement efforts about pain assessment and treatment, and the need for dedicated resources to move forward.
  • Certified hospitals report that the certification process improves employee engagement and workplace morale, by providing important recognition of the hard work of staff to implement standards of care for pain assessment and treatment.
  • ChildKind International provides a resource library for a community of colleagues who learn from each other and share similar goals – the effective assessment and treatment of pain in all children and reduction of unnecessary suffering.
  • ChildKind International has been endorsed by twelve leading professional health organizations from around the globe.