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Every person has the potential to make a difference in the life of a child. Whether it’s sharing our website on social media, making a donation or starting a fundraiser, you can be a part of the network of people who support the efforts of ChildKind.  

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Why Support ChildKind?

In the past 25 years the long-term negative biological, psychological, and social consequences of under-treated pain for children and their families have become clear. We now know that persistent pain changes brain circuitry and can make children overly responsive to other stimuli subsequently. Untreated pain may prolong surgical recovery and make children less willing to engage in the necessary rehabilitative process. Pain matters and doing something about it matters too.

ChildKind is made up of group of dedicated and passionate experts in the field of pediatric pain management. These experts volunteer their time and knowledge to ensure that compassionate care dictates treatment. Together our group of doctors, nurses, and psychologists support institutions looking to obtain ChildKind certification. We share knowledge through our Resource Library. And we share important pediatric pain news and updates through our website. Your contributions, your time, and your spreading the word all help to support the efforts of our team.

Thank you for getting involved.