Webinar Series

ChildKind Webinar Series

The ChildKind webinar series features presentations and Q&A with guests and panelists made up of pain experts and ChildKind representatives. Hosted quarterly, topics range from best practices in pain treatment, discussions about obstacles to developing & sustaining pain management infrastructure, and current topics of importance.

“Leveraging massive vaccine roll out to improve needle pain management for all children: A community of practice discussion”

June 11, 2021

Needle pain is an ongoing fear for upwards to 1 in 2 children and adolescents.  During these times of vaccination for a large portion of the population we can continue to learn and share strategies about what works well for needle pain management. This webinar focused on:

  • Successful strategies to minimize needle pain
  • Systems used to educate the public about needle pain management
  • Lessons learned from a multidisciplinary perspective
  • Challenges and strategies to working with policy makers
  • Next steps for practitioners and administrators

Katie Birnie, PhD, RPsych 

Jody Thomas, PhD 

Anna Taddio, PhD

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“Pandemic or pediatric pain – why should we need to choose?”

February 24, 2021

The pandemic has caused stress and change at most hospitals.  As institutions are struggling with competing priorities, it can be challenging to keep pain care in sight.  This webinar focused on: 

  • Successful strategies to keeping pain care present 
  • Adjustments needed to maintain your level of pain care as staffing has shifted
  • Lessons learned from the MD, RN, and Child Life perspective 
  • How telehealth has played a role in patient care 

Dora Castro-Ahillen, MA, CCLS, LCPC 

Laura Rayner, RN, MN 

Bill Zempsky, MD, MPH 

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“Changing our approach to pediatric pain management”

September 11, 2020

The inaugural webinar was led by Dr. Chris Eccleston, an internationally known expert on evidence-based and innovative pain treatment.  During the webinar he discussed changing our approach to paediatric pain.  Stemming from the work of the Time for Change program, the webinar focussed on the four transformative goals identified :

  • Make pain matter
  • Make pain understood
  • Make pain visible
  • Make pain better

This webinar was the first Annual Maureen Strafford ChildKind Webinar on Pediatric Pain, honoring a vibrant pain champion whose voice was recently stilled but whose work lives on in the work that we all do to improve humane care for children.

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