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Pediatric pain is a frequently overlooked side effect of illness and medical treatment. How we prevent and manage that pain has lasting health implications for our patients. Medical research shows that painful experiences have long-term impacts on children; affecting mental health, healing time, anxiety, and overall quality of life.

ChildKind is working to change this. 

How will your donation have an impact?

Increase Certifications

ChildKind recognizes excellent pediatric pain care by evaluating and certifying healthcare institutions that have developed best practices for the prevention and treatment of children’s pain.  Your dollars help us provide the support needed to enhance a hospitals pain management program and guide them through the certification process.

Expand Knowledge

Having the right resources to build a pain care program at a hospital is integral to success.  ChildKind hosts an open access Resource Library that houses policies and protocols focused on pediatric pain assessment and treatment.  Your donation helps to build our Resource Library with content that is based on the latest research.  This is central to creating an environment of comfort for children.

Build Connection

Some of the best growth and learning happens when experts can directly connect.  ChildKind offers that forum for connection between clinicians from all levels of experience in pediatric pain assessment and treatment to discuss strategies, offer support, and provide guidance to one another.  A donation to ChildKind helps maintain this ongoing connection so clinicians can take action for our children to receive the best pain care possible.

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