Pam Ressler, RN, MS

Pamela Katz Ressler, MS, RN, HNB-BC is the founder of Stress Resources in Concord, Massachusetts, a firm specializing in building resilience for individuals and organizations through tools of connection, communication and compassion. She is an adjunct clinical assistant professor at Tufts University School of Medicine in Pain Research, Education and Policy program, has served on the Executive Board for Medicine X at Stanford University and is an appointed member of the Consumer Health Advisory Board of the Massachusetts Health Quality Partners.

A graduate of the University of Michigan and Tufts University School of Medicine’s Pain Research Education and Policy Program, Pam’s work in resilience is grounded in both the science and the art of human connection with a focus on the experience of pain. She is a 2019-20 Mayday Pain and Society Fellow, as well as a member of the newly formed IASP Global Alliance of Pain Patient Advocates. Pam’s academic research on the intersection of social media and healthcare has earned her the distinction as one of the country’s thought leaders in the field. Her study, Communicating the Experience of Chronic Pain and Illness through Blogging (JMIR 2012) continues to be cited as seminal work in the field. Pam also served as an author/collaborator on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Business Innovation Factory’s The Narrative Playbook: The Strategic Use of Story to Improve Care, Healing and Health (2015).