Paula Forgeron, RN, MN, PhD

Paula Forgeron, RN, MN, PhD is a Professor in the School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa. She has an adjunct appointment in the Department of Anesthesia, Dalhousie University and is an affiliate investigator in the Centre for Pediatric Pain. She received a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Doctoral Fellowship as well as an Early Career Grant from the Canadian Pain Society.

With an extensive clinical background in pediatric pain management and training in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies her research program addresses social functioning of adolescents with chronically painful conditions as well as improving pain management for hospitalized children and adolescents globally. Her research produced some of the first studies to examine the social functioning of adolescents with chronically painful conditions reporting that pain influences friendships and friendships influence an adolescent’s chronic pain experience. Current studies focus on developing a better understanding of these critical social relationships to determine ways for adolescents with painful conditions to gain the social support and social understanding needed to help them cope with and manage their pain. Her research has also explored challenges of pediatric pain management in the acute care setting in low- and middle-income countries and resource rich countries with findings suggesting that application of knowledge requires the prioritization of pediatric pain across all levels of healthcare facilities.