Lidocaine Infusion for Analgesia

  • Category:

    Pain Treatment - Pharmacologic.

  • Age Range:

    Age 01y-11y (Child), Age 12y-18y (Adolescent), Age 18y+ (Young Adult).

  • Tags:

    Chronic non-malignant pain, Lidocaine, Malignant pain.

  • Type of Document:

    Medication Guideline, Treatment Guideline.

  • Type of Pain:

    Ambulatory, Critical care, Palliative.

  • Author:

    Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle, WA, USA

The content in this document describes the safe administration of lidocaine continuous IV infusion to reduce the intensity of discomfort in the setting of malignant or chronic non-malignant pain. The policy facilitates patient safety by providing a standardized approach to patients who receive lidocaine infusions for analgesia, in either an ICU, ambulatory infusion center or palliative care setting.