Nerve or Wound Catheters with Continuous Infusions of Local Anesthetics

  • Category:

    Pain Treatment - Pharmacologic.

  • Age Range:

    Age 0-12m (Infant), Age 01y-11y (Child), Age 12y-18y (Adolescent), Age 18y+ (Young Adult).

  • Tags:

    Assessment, Epidural, Local Anesthetic, Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity, Local Anesthetic Toxicity, Monitoring, Regional Anesthesia, Side effect.

  • Type of Document:

    Nursing Guideline, Treatment Guideline.

  • Type of Pain:

    Acute, Cancer pain, Critical care, Disease related pain, Palliative, Post-operative.

  • Author:

    Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA

To provide specific guidelines for the management of patients receiving local anesthetics via nerve or wound catheters. To provide relief of pain using a continuous infusion of a local anesthetic directly into the surgical site or around a nerve in a safe and therapeutic manner.