Pediatric Pain Clinic List

  • Category:

    Pain Assessment, Pain Education, Pain Quality Improvement Initiatives, Pain Treatment - Non-pharmacologic, Pain Treatment - Pharmacologic, Pain Treatment - Topical, Withdrawal Assessment.

  • Age Range:

    Age 0-12m (Infant), Age 01y-11y (Child), Age 12y-18y (Adolescent).

  • Tags:

    Family Centered Care, Pain Clinic, Pediatric Pain Clinic.

  • Type of Document:

    Education for Parents/Community, Education for Professionals.

  • Type of Pain:

    All types of pain.

  • Author:

    Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle, WA, USA

The directory is intended for use in referral for clinical services, education, and research collaboration. The list of dedicated pediatric chronic pain programs in the United States and Canada has been developed and maintained since 2012.