AboutKidsHealth – Pain module

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    Pain assessment, Pain treatment - non-pharmacologic, Pain treatment - pharmacologic, Pain treatment - topical.

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    Adolescent, Infant, Older Child (7-12yo), Toddler, Young Child (3-6yo).

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    Assessment, Pain assessment, Treatment.

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    Education for Parents.

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    All types of pain.

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Written for parents, this AboutKidsHealth learning hub has information on acute and chronic pain including signs and sypmtoms, methods of assessment, and the 3P approach to pain management.  The acute and chronic pain sections are organized by age.  When reading this information, please remember that every child’s situation is unique.

The information has been developed in close collaboration with the Pain Centre at the Hospital for Sick Children and the OUCH (Opportunities to Understand Childhood Hurt) Lab at York University.